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NRF’s Big Show 2015 Recap

If we learned anything at the Show, it is, in the words of Brian Kilcourse, “game on!” for retailers. With the whole world being a store and consumer expectations at an all-time high, the challenge for retailers now is … continue reading

Missed NRF’s Big Show? See What 2015 Holds in Store

Even if you missed the show, you don’t have to miss out on what attendees saw and heard.

Retail Systems Research (RSR) hosted a post-show debriefing on January 29, 2015. Thankfully, they recorded it. This is the 60 minute video that everyone in the retail industry needs to watch to stay current. See it here.

Top Five Systems Initiatives for IP Users are in 2015

Here’s a question we get all the time: “What are other Island Pacific Users doing?” Because we’re working with a good number of IP Users (and keeping in touch with many others), we put together a list of the top IP User initiatives for 2015 … continue reading

POS Vendor Review – Starmount

In over 29 years in retail, I have rarely found a POS vendor that retailers really like. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “they take too long, they cost too much, and when they fix one thing they break another.”

Well, I’m thrilled to say that after 29 years in retail, we’ve found a truly great mPOS vendor, Starmount. We are currently helping an IP retailer implement Starmount mPOS in several of their divisions, and … continue reading

Why Faith Matters at Work

When I was talking to my daughter the other day, she said something that just made my heart melt. She said she couldn’t really be happy at work unless … continue reading

Conference Call in Real Life

Conference calls are something else, aren’t they?
Here’s a guaranteed laugh for anyone who’s ever been on a conference call: Watch this YouTube video and enjoy!