Allocation I

Allocation 1 Island Pacific Software Package

Retail Analytics to Improve Your Bottom Line

island pacific software packageYour IP system has something you need: information. Specifically, it contains key data and critical information that can help you get the right merchandise to the right store at the right time. No excel spreadsheet can do that! But our software package, Allocation 1, can.

This simple yet powerful IP add-on gives you high-quality, highly responsive analytics so you can get a true pattern of projected sales–and be ready for it with the right kind, size and amount of in-store merchandise.
Allocation 1 helps you limit or eliminate end-of-season shuffling and markdowns, boosting your ability to allocate to plan. Our clients call Allocation 1 “amazing” and say, “it makes allocating fun.”

Allocation 1 truly makes a measurable difference in payback.

  • Highly responsive
  • Speedy analytics
  • Quality allocations
  • Better size mix
  • Fewer end-of-season transfers
  • Set styles faster
  • More accurate BSLs
  • Enhanced data integrity

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