Retail Edge Z2015-01-1 NRF’s Big Show 2015 Recap

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NRF BIG Show 2015 Recap

“Beyond the glittering new technologies,
the NRF event had a consistent theme to it, and that is …”

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Brian Kilcourse in RSR’s Retail Paradox Weekly e-newsletter.

Beyond all the glittering new technologies on display, the NRF event this year had a consistent theme to it, and that is that the mass merchandising days of “stack ‘em high and watch ‘em fly!” are over. There is no longer any argument or real resistance to the reality that consumers are in control of the retail interaction, and that they routinely use information delivered via consumer-mobile devices to investigate, select, and purchase products to fit their lifestyle needs. For consumers, the whole world is a store, prices are ubiquitous, and assortments are virtually endless. The challenge for retailers now is that consumers expect services such as buy anywhere/fulfill anywhere, “endless aisle”, click and collect, etc. to work. And while many retailers have done what they needed to in the short term with their legacy technologies to make those services available to consumers, they haven’t yet figured out how to perform them efficiently and are probably losing profits as a result.

So it’s “game on!” for retailers-the starting whistle has blown and it’s time to execute within the new customer-centric paradigm. “

I could not have summed it up better myself.

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