Retail Edge Z2015-01-3 Top Five Systems Initiatives For IP Users In 2015

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Top Five Systems Initiatives for IP Users In 2015

Heres a question we get all the time: €œWhat are other Island Pacific Users doing?€ Because were working with a good number of IP Users (and keeping in touch with many others), we put together a list of the top IP User initiatives for 2015.

  1. POS/mPOS

POS systems have always evolved quickly, typically obsoleting old POS systems in 3 to 5 years. That historically rapid pace is nothing, however, compared to the speed of new POS technology evolution today.

POS/mPOS (mobile POS) is the focal point of a rapidly evolving customer experience. Why? Because mPOS, Omni Channel functionality, and mobile payment solutions all come together at the POS/mPOS.

With customer expectations continuing to increase, these features are no longer a €œnice to have.€ Theyre no longer something to tout as €œcutting edge,€ either. No, they are absolutely expected and a simple cost of doing business.

Many IP Users are upgrading their POS, replacing it or going to mPOS this year. Those who arent making the switch in 2015 are planning to in 2016 or 2017.

  1. Manhattan Warehouse Implementations

Manhattan has been the standard for retail warehousing systems for almost as long as we can remember. In 2015, more IP users are joining the ranks of those who already have Manhattan Warehousing.

  1. IP Upgrades

Upgrading to the latest and greatest version of IP is another recurring project. This year is no exception. A number of IP users are upgrading to the most recent version of Island Pacific.

  1. Omni Channel

There was a fair amount of activity in the Omni Channel area for Island Pacific Users in 2014, and it is continuing to grow in 2015. From being able to place online orders for store customers through POS, mPOS, or Kiosk, to being able to fulfill online orders from any stores inventory, Omni Channel is here to stay. Omni Channel considerations/integrations are pretty much a given in POS and warehouse system implementations now.

  1. Open Stores Abroad

Many IP users operate in a number of different countries, and the list of multinational IP users and countries they are doing business in continues to grow. The number of major differences among countries is amazing €“ from language and cultural to legalities and logistics. Nevertheless, the opportunities for global growth are there and more and more IP users are capitalizing on them. Fortunately, Island Pacific is up to the task!